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Business Growth Stellar+ is the solution that works in the area of Sales, HR Management (Manpower Productivity and Talent Acquisition), Finance Management, Business Analytics, Operations, Production Planning, and Employee Development Programmes. In this solution, there is no limit to the number of deliverables in this solution offering. Read more on what this product has to offer for your business success.


SMEs are good at the business in manufacturing, the arrangement of resources, purchase, etc. But they are not equipped completely to sell their products well. Strategizing their sales, setting sales targets, recruitment of sales teams, selection of right markets, and pricing are the global challenges.

Further, SME business owners are involved in multiple non-revenue generating activities that take navigate their focus from core profit-making activities like SALES.

Our Consultants will work on bringing SME focus back to sales. We will first identify the reasons due to which their business is unable to achieve its sales targets. The challenging factors can be with the product, effort failure, competition, pricing, quality, salesmen training, sales channel, strategy, or any other factors. Our team of consultants will visit the client’s business and work on all these factors to ensure that business can achieve its sales targets.


HR is the most crucial department for any SME. Most SMEs take the HR role as a recruiting role. But there are many factors an HR has to take care of:-

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Compliances
  • Performance Management 
  • Employee Welfare
  • Registrations
  • Returns 
  • Company acts/compliances renewals 
  • Process for various HR functions 
  • Employee development 
  • Policies 

Finance is a crucial input of production, distribution, and development. It is a pre-requisite for stimulating the process of industrial development.

Most SMEs face issues with their financials due to changing industry trends such as High Credit Cycles, Low Sales, Demand vs. supply. Our finance consultants will work on:-

  • The Working Capital Requirement
  • Fund Flow in Organisation
  • Profit & loss
  • Product Wise Profit
  • Managing Credit Cycle
  • Taxation

The present scenario in the SMEs emphasizes on competitiveness in manufacturing. An SME has to streamline the production activities and achieve the maximum utilization of firm resources to improve productivity. Production planning and control serve as a useful tool to coordinate the activities of the production system by proper planning and control systems. Production planning and control require the effective utilization of SME resources. Production planning is a pre-production activity. We pre-determine manufacturing requirements such as:-

  •  Workforce
  •  Materials 
  •  Machines  
  •  Manufacturing Process

Aside from planning the resources, we also organize the production. Based on the demand for SME’s products, we establish the production program to meet the purpose set for using the various resources.



We deploy a team of three who will take the cover of your project. In totality, we align regular meetings where we discuss:

  1. Our Accomplishments
  2. Current Working
  3. Our Next Step

We give you a view of the future of what more values we are capable of adding to your business.

This step is a crucial one because this is what will keep you engaged with us, and you will be confident that you are making a safe investment.


Employee Development Programmes invest in the company’s success. With employee training, we create a workplace that is adaptive and flexible to any upcoming changes. This practice will work on the employees to result in work success as well as success in employees’ personal lives. Our training plans work on:-

  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Diversity Training

Training by professionals will help to enhance the employees’ knowledge and give them the right tools they need to embrace in the workplace in the best way.


To present the results on what operations we have been working and what we have achieved. We provide evidence in the form of statements such as:-

  • Financial Reports 
  • Way Forward Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Net Analysis Report
  • Hiring Reports

Observing these reports, you will be able to see the changes we have made and what value we have added to your business. 

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