Value Implementation

It’s the moment when you fasten your seatbelts: you have got the strategic choices, or renewed operating model, or set ambitious performance-enhancing targets. It is time for action; to bring the necessary change, we must know how to bring the difference and how to implement the strategies.

We see SMEs encounter this difficulty almost every day. Our journey with the clients includes hard-fought wins and severe misfortunes, and through these encounters, we have acquired a structured and disciplined strategy to Value Implementation.

We draw an organization against the passivity that has delayed. It needs a set of balancing acts. It needs to regulate the pressure for results with a collaborative design for lasting capability and change.

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Elements to Value Implementation

  1. End-state: A straightforward narrative that explains why change is needed, but importantly also outlines how the organization will look after the changes attain success. Executives need to be consistent with the same language and be visible.
  2. Targets: We set targets to provide focus and to extend the organization. Targets need to be challenging, aligned, and linked to compensation.
  3. Governance: A clear line of sight from the executive level to the lowest level of the activation plan. Executives must have an active role in workstreams, rather than merely sitting in judgment on a steering committee.
  4. Initiatives: A structured process for presenting ideas, design, and execution. A more significant number of smaller steps involved in the program changes throughout an organization and increases the possibility of sustainable results.
  5. Rhythm: Mandatory weekly reviews, where workstreams and owners speak to their efforts and challenges. This rhythm must sustain over an extended period because real change demands time and repetition.
  6. Program Management: We create end-to-end transparency required to coordinate the overall activation program. It must provide a source of truth in terms of priorities and growth.
  7. Collaborative Design: Executives and the owners will drive against the change that is inflicted on them but will embrace the change in which they can contribute. Our collaborative design can ensure high-quality output, drive momentum, and enable sustainable results by developing capabilities deep into the organization.

Attaining stability across these crucial factors is at the essence of our Value Implementation method. Every activation program will make a difference. Although, all the elements of our approach remain relevant and can be applied with proper recognition of the circumstances to get things done with all manner of implementation challenges. And when all these elements work collectively, it provides the best infrastructure for enabling a lasting change.

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