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WeExpan Business Management Consulting Firm in Ludhiana,Punjab. We help business leaders with better decisions, improved business performance, and better returns for achieving desired results. Our consultants have specific area specialization with exposure to diverse industries. Our fundamental goal is to help our clients achieve the most potential of their business.

Solutions Offering


Business Growth Stellar+

Business Growth Stellar+ is the solution that works in the area of Sales, HR Management (Manpower Productivity and Talent Acquisition)

Business Growth Stellar

Business Growth Stellar is a solution that provides expert strategies in the areas of Sales, HR, HR (Talent Acquisition), Finance, Business Analytics, General Operations

Business Growth Elite

Business Growth Elite is the product that works in the area of Sales, HR, HR (Talent Acquisition), Finance, Business Analytics, General Operations, and Employee Development Programmes.

Business Growth Champion

Business Growth Champion is the product that works in the area of Sales, HR, HR (Talent Acquisition), Finance, Business Analytics, General Operations, Employee Development

My HR Manager

My HR Manager is an advanced version of My HR Assistance. We assist with recruiting and hiring efforts using the strategic integration of HR programs, processes, policies, or practices.

My HR Assistance

SMEs find it challenging to drag, nurture, and preserve the right talent, ensuring growth o the SME. WeExpan provides extensive

Business Scale-Up

Business ScaleUp is a solution that helps SMEs to optimize their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth. We draw together the insights

I-Growth Manager

THE I-GROWTH MANAGER is a solution that delivers expertise in areas of Sales, HR, Finance, Digital Marketing, and Production.

Digi Mark

Nowadays, Digi mark is an essential tool for all Businesses. If you are constantly worrying about your customer base, your market revolution, and your Online Presence

Strategic Business Growth

STRATEGIC BUSINESS GROWTH is the solution that works on SMEs’ basic industrial operations such as Sales, HR, HR (Talent Acquisition), Finance, Business Analytics

Employees Testimonials

There is no better compliment than words. See what our people have to say about us.

Harsimranpreet Kaur

Working at WeExpan Consulting has been the best experience of my life. What I love the most is the freedom to learn. Every day, I get to learn something new. Every employee from senior to junior is always ready to guide and support you. You don’t get to work for the organization only, but you get to work on yourself as well. Every morning I feel positive, motivated, and completely energized.

Content Writer

Avinash Kalra

A growing organization with diverse experience of SME segment catering to their needs & helping them to overcome their business challanges. Very knowledgeable & cooperative team members .

Information Technology

Geetika Jain

I feel elite to work in an organisation where the culture, atmosphere and management is so fascinating that it motivates you to give your best and to let you go ahead towards your illusion. The opportunities which you get here to flourish your future is beyond the studious reach of any other organisation. Employees work here with intact enthuasiasm.

HR (Talent Acquisition)

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